The personnel listed below left us way to early and will always be in our hearts.  They past away while being active employees with the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.  May they rest in peace.


Elizabeth Molina, Police Support Specialist

John Truitt, Sergeant

Rick Brincefield, Officer AIU

Joseph Diaz, Commander

Jose Rubiales, Officer/Detective

Leon Sczepanski, Lieutenant

Leona Cumbie, Police Support Specialist

Mary Harris, Officer

Pilar Bachelder, Sergeant

William Flanagan, Officer



The personnel listed below honorably served and retired in good standing. They dedicated several years of their lives to the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.  Their committment to service and to their communities has qualified and entitled them to receive a retirement status granting them benefits from the Florida Retirement System.  We honor them in gratitude.  Thank you for your service.

 Alicia Cabal, Executive Assistant

Arnie Weatherington, Major

Ben McCardel, Assistant Chief

Bruce Beard, Lieutenant

Carmen Gonzalez, Property Room Specialist

Charles Martin, Assistant Chief

Claudia Milton, Major

Daniel Forman, Sergeant

David Casadona, Lieutenant

David Steger, Lieutenant

Derrick Gordon, Detective

Dorene Baker, Captain

Edward Henderson, Captain

Eugene “Red” McAllister, Chief of Police

Evelio Rodriguez, Major

Gerald Kitchell, Deputy Chief

George Gross, Sergeant

Glenda Huber, Police Support Specialist

Harold Mckinney, Sergeant

Howard Kaminsky, Captain

Howard Siplin, Sergeant

Humberto Nelson Santos, Lieutenant

Jack Wheeler, Assistant Chief

James Pierce, Officer

Jerry Dodson, Sergeant

Jill Martin, Police Support Specialist

Jose A. Diaz, Sergeant

Juan Seabolt, Sergeant

Kennedy Fell, Officer

Kenneth Morris, Officer

Lee Bryant, Detective

Lester Marder, Officer

Linda Curtis, Detective

Lionell Conyers, Officer

Loraine Mack, Captain

Luis Villas, Officer

Margaret Pridgen, Executive Assistant

Michael Malone, Assistant Chief

Mindy Gross, Detective

Miriam Green, Lieutenant

Oryntha Crumity, Lieutenant

Pamela Delancy, Sergeant

Pete Rossi, Sergeant

Rafael Gomez, Detective

Rey Perez, K9 Sergeant

Robert Asencio, Lieutenant

Robert Garcia, Security Specialist

Robert Sorensen, Officer

Robert Stalens, Lieutenant

Sabrina Cromartie, Executive Assistant

Sergio Mesa, Plant Security Foreperson

Stephana Clark, Captain

Steven Hadley, Detective

Thomas Hackett, Sergeant

Thomas Biddle, Sergeant

Traci Paisant, Officer

Vivian Monroe, Commander

Walter Covington, Officer

Walter Koppel, Officer

Will Brown, Sergeant

William Paton, Lieutenant

William Collins, Officer

William Thurston, Sergeant

Last Update: 02-20-18