cpt-joe-bevilacquaJoseph M. Bevilacqua




Captain Joseph M. Bevilacqua was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He is currently assigned to District Security, Special Projects, and Information Technology Services Unit. Captain Bevilacqua has 15 years of law enforcement experience and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University. He is also a graduate of Miami Sunset Senior High School, where he later returned to teach and coach baseball. He is a Police Instructor with a specialty in firearms and drug recognition.

Captain Bevilacqua began his law enforcement career as a School Resource Officer assigned to the former Region V Station, where he participated in numerous proactive investigations. During that time, he also became the Department’s first and only, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Drug Recognition Expert.

Captain Bevilacqua was later promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2002, and was assigned to the Administrative Division supervising Training, Research, and Planning, and the Field Training and Evaluation Program. While there, he was instrumental in the reorganization of the Field Training Program, and was responsible for equipping, training, and mobilizing the Department’s first ever Field Force – comprised of over 60 personnel – in preparation for the Free Trade Area of the America’s Conference. He designed and selected the Field Force uniform, Bicycle uniforms, K-9 patches, as well as the purchase of the Department’s first Explosive Ordinance K-9.

Captain Bevilacqua was instrumental in the implementation of the agency’s Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management and Mobile Computing Terminals, and his many contributions are still in use today. Captain Bevilacqua also supervised Records Management, Crime Analysis, and Police Information. During that assignment, he was responsible for quality control of police reports, Uniform Crime Reporting, crime trends, media relations, and public record requests.

As a Sergeant assigned to Uniform Operations, Station 3, Captain Bevilacqua supervised a squad of 11 officers responsible for providing service to numerous inner city schools.

Captain Bevilacqua was later assigned to the General Investigations Unit where he assisted in automating the unit by implementing the Records Management System, Investigator’s Dashboard. He supervised numerous criminal investigations, as well as administrative personnel investigations of District employees. During this time, Captain Bevilacqua was assigned to an Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force related to criminal street gangs, in which he was specially deputized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

After being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, he was assigned to the Office of the Chief as the Internal Affairs Commander, where he supervised many highly sensitive investigations, both criminal and administrative in nature.
Captain Bevilacqua became the Patrol Services Commander for three years, where he supervised a staff of 3 sergeants and 18 officers, providing police services county-wide on afternoons and midnights.

While performing his regular duties, Captain Bevilacqua has also served as the Department’s Fleet Manager. As such, he designed the new “black and white” police vehicle and was responsible for the outfitting and maintenance of over 200 vehicles.

Over his 15 year career, Captain Bevilacqua has worked in all facets of the M-DSPD, earning numerous letters of commendations and receiving many awards. He was also a finalist for the Dade Chiefs of Police, Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award. He has been the recipient of a Bronze Medal of Valor, 7 Exceptional Service Awards, 1 Employee Excellence Award, 4 Major Campaigns, and was Officer of the Month on 3 occasions.

Captain Bevilacqua is also a proud member of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge#133, and has been since the charter’s inception. He served on the Executive Board for five years and is currently a trustee.