crime watch award


Ojus Elementary School Principal Dr. Martha Mejia, Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School student Sanoriah Eduoard and School Resource Officer Darryl Dunn were recently honored by Miami-Dade Citizens Crime Watch during their 38th Annual Awards Ceremony held at the DoubleTree Airport Hotel in Miami, FL.

Chief Ian A. Moffett was on hand to give these wonderful individuals their awards. Officer Darryl Dunn who serves Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School as a School Resource Officer was honored for his extraordinaire efforts as the School Resource Officer (SRO). The school’s Youth Crime Watch (YCW) “Crime Educators” Program has had a rich history with its superlative youth crime prevention educational initiatives and endeavors throughout the last six years. Officer Dunn is supported by the school’s YCW Advisor is Kim Ferreira, a Math Teacher at the school. Officer Dunn assists in crime prevention educational campaigns & activities and his experience offers support by educating the YCW “Crime Educators” Student Members on skills used in police work and in crime prevention.

Dr. Marta M. Mejia involvement with the YCW program as principal of Ojus Elementary School has been so instrumental, that it earned her the Citizens’ Crime Watch Principal of the Year Award. Dr. Mejia not only supports the program, but she is actually a pivotal part of it. She attends all of the program’s YCW Club Meetings and is very involved at each meeting regarding the school safety discussions and in the program’s YCW youth crime prevention educational initiatives planning. Principal Mejia supports all activities, events, and campaigns coordinated by the school’s YCW program by informing and reinforcing to students how their contributions play a significant factor in the school’s safety environment. During her acceptance speech, she highlighted the efforts that the program has brought to her school in reducing crime and teaching students how to protect themselves and how to be better citizens.

Saniorah Edouard was honored with the Youth Crime Watch (YCW) “Student of the Year” Award. Saniorah has served as YCW Student President at Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School, the same school where Officer Dunn serves as SRO. Saniorah has been instrumental in the success of the YCW program with her leadership and involvement. Saniorah leads by example, and is organized and supportive of her fellow students. She is the driving force behind many of the school’s YCW activities and endeavors.

The Youth Crime Watch organization was born out of a concerned group of neighbors in 1974. Communities and law enforcement began to work together to keep neighborhoods safe and free from crime. Today, over 1,600 neighborhoods participate in the crime watch concept. In 1979, the concept was introduced in one Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS). Since then, Youth Crime Watch of Miami-Dade (YCW) has functioned as a partner in all public schools.

YCW educates and trains students at schools in violence and crime prevention strategies. Children also learn that good citizenship and personal responsibility include watching out for family, friends, schools and community. The YCW program is structured to teach leadership skills to students who volunteer to learn about school safety. While they learn how to keep themselves safe, they also learn public speaking, critical thinking, leadership, and other skills that will serve them into their adult lives.

Miami-Dade Schools Police serves all students in Miami-Dade County with 161 sworn police officers and it is the seventh largest police department in all of Miami-Dade County. YCW and M-DCPS are true partners against crime.