Crimes And Social Media

In an effort to remain competitive and current in its professional and distinctive services provided to the school community, the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department (MDSPD) recently authorized one of its personnel to attend an exclusive training program in cellular telephone forensics in Hoover, Alabama. After being selected from a large pool of qualified candidates, Sergeant Bradley Rosh was one of only 24 law enforcement personnel chosen to attend this training program at the Government National Center for Forensics Institute. This rigorous and demanding course was comprised of five days of intensive training, involving the intricacies of cellular telephone forensics and GPS forensics. In order to obtain his certification, Sergeant Rosh was required to complete two examinations-written and practical, both of which required a thorough demonstration of his newly acquired proficiency. Sergeant Rosh successfully achieved a 100% on both examinations at the conclusion of the training course, attaining the highest score on the written exam. As a result of Sergeant Rosh’s successful completion of the program, the MDSPD is now able to proactively combat cyber crimes, which are an unfortunate growing threat in our school community. This training affords the MDSPD the opportunity to remain current in its professional standards with regards to forensic examinations.

Sergeant Rosh has been employed with the MDSPD for 18 years. In 2001, he successfully completed a computer forensic examiner program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. In addition, he has actively worked with the United States Secret Service on the Miami Electronic Crimes Task Force since 2001. Sergeant Rosh is certified in Clean Room Forensics, which allows the examiner to retrieve valuable forensic evidence from hard drives that have been maliciously destroyed. Sergeant Rosh also attends annual conferences which provide him with them most current information and technology available in the area of computer forensic examination.

As a result of the exceptional training he has received, Sergeant Rosh has enabled the MDSPD to remain current in its law enforcement investigative abilities as they relate to cyber crimes and other technology-involved criminal incidents such as threats through social media.