MDSPD officers have demonstrated the true spirit of Christmas by helping those members of our community that are down on their luck.Holiday season 2013 just ended and the holidays are best spent celebrating and getting together with loved ones and family members. During this time, we were able to share moments and make memories with those individuals that we like to spend time with. These last few years have been very difficult for many members of our community due to the collapse of the real estate bubble. Many people lost their jobs, homes and savings. As a result, there are many families that have to cope with less during these days of celebration.

The Miami-Dade Schools Police Department (MDSPD) is tasked with protecting our children in schools; however, since our officers are assigned to schools, they can become more familiar with our students, their families, their challenges, struggles and triumphs.

One of the goals of our agency is to increase the availability of School Resource Officers at our middle and senior high schools. We want the officers to be available and visible at those schools to help increase the safety of our students. We also want them to be at school sites on a daily basis to become part of the fabric of our schools, our students, and their families. The presence of police officers on campus allows them to learn about daily activities and occurrences at the school and the surrounding areas. Our officers are able to identify students’ needs and determine the best course of action to assure that these youngsters are able to get an education and to stay safe while they learn.

During the 2013 holiday season, our officers were instrumental in assuring that many families had meals during the celebration, there were gifts for the children and in some situations, families were able to have a Christmas tree to complete the festivities. Donations for these efforts came from the same officers that serve the schools where the students attended. Our MDSPD officers got together during Winter Break and purchased these items or obtained donations to find items so these families could experience true holiday spirit.

We also need to thank Major Hector Garcia, who obtained funding through his not-for-profit charity, and provided these monies to assist the students. Major Garcia is a perfect example of the generosity and thoughtfulness of our officers. MDSPD officers have demonstrated the true spirit of Christmas by helping those members of our community that are down on their luck. We thank each and every one of you for your service to our students. We also thank you for taking care of their safety and for making sure that our students are able to learn about giving and receiving.