HPOA-DadeHPOA is a successful non-profit membership organization dedicated to keeping its members informed, educated, and unified while being actively involved in:

  • recruiting Hispanics to assist and guide new recruits and their families
  • providing training for its members as a means of career enhancement
  • being leaders and role models in Hispanic communities
  • offering scholarships for students
  • donating money and time to charities and community organizations

From its humble beginnings in 1974 when it was called HOA (Hispanic Officers Association), formal meetings and elections were held and soon, many projects were launched while members enjoyed a sense of family created by their collective, unified efforts. Through events such as picnics and dances, HOA was able to make steady progress in helping Hispanic officers get hired and promoted.

HOA was renamed and incorporated into HPOA in 1979 and continues to leave an indelible impression in our Miami Dade communities while offering many benefits to its members including:

  • legal assistance
  • student scholarships
  • Florida prepaid college raffles
  • a raffle of five $200 sponsorships towards summer camp programs
  • many other benefits

HPOA holds monthly meetings on the last Monday of every month and continues to hold fun events such as picnics, softball tournaments, domino tournaments, dances, and many others meant to encourage and promote camaraderie among its members.

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