The Administrative Division (AD) is responsible for managing and overseeing all issues related to the Department’s support functions, training and professional development, research and planning, human resources, communications, records, data analysis, special event planning, fleet management, accreditation and grant initiatives. This Division also has a role in select financial affairs through coordination with the OCP.

  •  Training and Professional Development – Ensures all police officers meet certification requirements and are trained in critical areas of policing. This also includes training for school security monitors.
  • Research and Planning – Conducts research and planning on the best practices and updates of modern policing.
  • Human Resources – Works closely with the District’s Office of Human Resources (HR) on new hires, separations, compensation, assignments and other HR functions.
  • Communications – Oversees all police communications, dispatching, call takers, complaint desks, alarms and other District communications.
  • Records – All police records and reports are maintained and preserved.
  • Data Analysis – Crime statistics and trends are maintained and tracked to allow for data driven decision making.
  • Special Event Planning – Staffing of police services at all special events and details.
  • Fleet Management – Upkeep and maintenance of nearly 200 police vehicles, including the Mobile Command Center.
  • Accreditation – Nationally established standards for law enforcement agencies to maintain and uphold.
  • Grants – Ancillary and support funding for agency