Aggressive Driving Unit

Aggressive driving unit

The policy of the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department (M-DSPD) is for all officers to aggressively enforce traffic violations in and around school safety zones. In response to a high number of pedestrian traffic injuries, the M-DSPD created the Aggressive Driving Unit (ADU).

The ADU is a group of officers directed to target school safety zones via traffic enforcement. Areas chosen are addressed on a priority basis dependent upon:

  • where dangerous incidents have occurred
  • potentially dangerous areas which have been identified
  • complaints of aggressive driving received by citizens and staff
  • to supplement the enforcement actions of patrol officers

Law enforcement should target high-visibility locations; including school zones and adjoining neighborhood streets where children travel to and from schools. Extra focus is placed on extreme speeders who regularly drive 10-20 miles above the speed limit. In order to minimize risk to children and other pedestrians, it is critical to enforce speed zones in these areas.

This unit is predicated on the devastating effects of speeding throughout our communities, particularly in school zones. The ultimate success of this unit will be determined by the reduction of traffic violations and accidents in the targeted school zone areas. This will be determined through statistical analyses as interpreted by the Police Support Information Technology supervisor.