Honor Guard Unit

sp9The Miami-Dade Schools Police Department’s Honor Guard is an elite unit that serves as the official representative of the Department and the District within Miami-Dade County. The Honor Guard brings to mind those police officers that have given their lives while protecting our civil liberties and freedom. These select few represent men and women from our community and epitomize the professionalism and dedication of the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department.

The Honor Guard is comprised of dedicated officers that maintain an impeccable appearance, high moral standards and strict police order and discipline. They perform in front of federal, state and the county’s most important leaders.

Each year, the Honor Guard performs in dozens of high visibility, high profile ceremonies in Miami-Dade County. Over the past two years, our honor guard members have represented the Department at more funerals, ceremonies and parades than ever before.

Honor Guard members are often summoned to render honor or inspire esprit de corps; an honor known only to those officers who truly consider themselves as Ambassadors for the Department.