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While Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief Thomas Jackson has been watching his city come apart at the seams, while he’s been trying to explain a police officer’s actions that may be explainable, while he’s backtracked on what Officer Dennis Wilson did or didn’t do – another police chief has learned to avoid those circumstances by immersing himself in his community.

Ian Moffett was last seen jumping in a swimming pool and hanging out with children who reside in Liberty City, one of America’s most infamous impoverished neighborhoods made so by riots and a very popular video game.

Moffett, a former U.S. Army rapid response team member who now runs the police department for the country’s fourth largest school district, sat down for an interview with Fox News Latino. The Guyana-born lawman who grew up and went to school in Miami knows a thing or two about policing, especially when it comes to how his officers are perceived by the community. Read the rest of the story here…