In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Chief Ian Moffett and his family delivered a complete Thanksgiving meal to a single dad who lost everything in Puerto Rico and now resides in Miami with relatives. His children attend Melrose Elementary School.

“The mother of my children is sick and unable to take care of them; Hurricane Irma took everything we had and I’m now starting over,” said Pedro Alcantara. “I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to Chief Moffett and the Miami-Dade Schools Police for this act of kindness.”

The Miami-Dade Schools Police Department’s Community Outreach Division and the school principal identified the family.

“This is an example of Community Oriented Policing as the goal is to assist families, parents and students during difficult times,” said Chief Ian Moffett. “Providing support is another way to keep the schools safe; offering prevention and intervention is the answer, enforcement is the last resort.”

The Miami-Dade Schools Police Department will be following up with this family throughout the holiday season and the rest of the school-year.

“My uncle is struggling trying to raise the children on his own after all they experienced in Puerto Rico; he can stay in our home for as long as he needs,” said niece Melanie Romero. “It was a huge surprise when they told him he was selected for a Thanksgiving meal; I’ve been here seven years and never before had a full Thanksgiving dinner.”

Pedro was an electrician in Puerto Rico and is now looking for any type of job in order to provide for his family.