Alerrt training focuses on preventing and stopping active shooters and terrorists.

The Miami-Dade Schools Police Department takes pride in training our officers with regards to threats to school sites and student safety. Our department has trained all officers in active shooter scenarios even prior to the devastating Columbine tragedy. All of our officers formerly received Rapid Action Tactics (RAT) response training, on a yearly basis, during the summer break period. While RAT focused simply on active shooter scenarios, the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) is an upgraded version of the RAT curriculum that focuses on active shooter threats as well as terrorist attacks. ALERRT is currently being taught to our officers during the 2014 summer break.

The ALERRT program was created and developed with the basic goal of providing proven tactical training to first responders in order to better protect their communities and save lives. The training was designed to be relevant, standardized and is constantly evaluated to ensure that the latest terrorist / active shooter threats are addressed and planned for. The ALERRT curriculum has become the national standard in active shooter response training. It encompasses force-on-force scenarios to actually prepare officers to act, and not simply be aware of clear and present threats to our schools, children and community.

Our trainers are veteran officers and certified ALERRT Instructors, with personal boots on the ground life experience in responding to critical events that have occurred in our facilities. It is the most cohesive, interactive tactical training for frontline patrol officers available to date. The Miami-Dade Schools Police Department adopted the training in order for our officers to work cohesively with all agencies when responding to critical incidents at school sites.

Published by the Public Information & Community Affairs Office, M-DSPD