The grim reaper made an appearance at Homestead Senior High School.In anticipation of the celebrations which usually lead up to high school graduations, Miami Homestead Senior High School administration asked Miami-Dade Schools Police Department to hold a “Ghost Out” Assembly. The purpose of the assembly was to teach and make students aware of the dangers of driving under the influence. During the day of the event, there was a person dressed as the Grim Reaper, representing the death spirit, which visited pre-selected students and pulled them out of classes. The students returned to class wearing a black Ghost Out shirt to continue their learning experience; however, classmates and faculty did not acknowledge the presence of these “ghosts.”

The event was held the same day as prom was scheduled. The purpose of the exercise was to remind students that even though prom should be an exciting and joyful time for every graduating senior, many of them forget that and drink, use drugs and do other activities which might lead them to make wrong choices. Students were encouraged to make prom and graduation a memorable night. “Ghost Out” is a way for us to visually remind our students of those consequences. It is a way for the adults to encourage them to make the right choices.

Later in the school day, several classes joined the Fire Rescue Department and Miami-Dade Schools Police Department which had two wrecked cars on display. Police and Fire Rescue made a presentation to the students about the dangers of driving under the influence. This initiative was especially important as prom was held that same weekend and high school graduation was following within the next two weeks. Some of the students also got involved in the presentation by reading poems and offering their personally experiences to the rest of the student body. The event was a huge success to remind students that making the wrong decision can have dire consequences.

Published by the Public Information & Community Affairs Office, M-DSPD