The Community Outreach Unit reports directly to the Chief of Police, and is responsible for coordinating positive community relations and activities.  Members of the unit operate under procedures and protocols established by the Chief’s Office.

The Unit is tasked with promoting a positive image of the Police Department through its relationship with community partners and various media outlets. They organize and plan community related events and provide external services such as issuing press releases, handling public information requests and giving interviews to representatives of the media.

In addition, the Public Information Office (PIO) is responsible for processing all records requests and maintaining the Department website and social media accounts.

They provide internal services to the Department by responding to all critical and newsworthy incidents and coordinating the interaction between the media and Department personnel.

The function of Community Outreach Unit and Public Information Office is an integral component of the day-to-day law enforcement operations of the Department. It guarantees that the avenues of communication are consistently open between the Department, the District, the media and the school community.

You may contact the
Community Outreach and Public Information Office at:
(305) 757-7708