Bicycle Patrol Unit

miami-dade-schools-pd-bicycleThe Miami-Dade Schools Police Department’s Bicycle patrol is a problem-solving bicycle policing unit that proactively patrols school sites and prevents crime in surrounding residential areas in an attempt to establish a police presence. Since its deployment, the Bicycle Patrol Unit (BPU) has successfully reduced crime on campus. Bicycle Patrol Officers are highly motivated individuals that strive to be leaders by engaging the school community to mutually solve problems.

The mission of the BPU is to use the advantage of bicycle patrol to complement and enhance the quality of safety and service, already provided by school resource officers to the school sites. Bicycle patrol officers have the advantage of being able to traverse any area in the city and on campus at any time. Bicycles are capable of maneuvering swiftly and safely through congested vehicular and pedestrian traffic and therefore, are a proactive tool for School Resource Officers to utilize. Bicycles are often silent and difficult to see, providing the bicycle patrol officer with an advantage when attempting to apprehend offenders who are in the process of committing crimes and to patrol areas that are not otherwise accessible to police vehicles.

Lastly, the BPU enhances the approachability of officers by students and members of the public, providing the officer with the opportunity to make positive contacts with youth and citizens.